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Intuition or Reason ?

Intuition or Reason ?

Intuition or Reason ?

Ever felt a nagging feeling that makes you restless ? A feeling which you cannot understand why it is happening , a restless feeling which has no logic behind it? A choice that you made without any reason behind it ? A simple choice of carrying an umbrella on a sunny day to life decisions such as choosing life partner. That’s our intuition, something which we are not able to understand even after all the advancement in science.

Intuition or Reason : What turns out to be right ?

At times, the decisions that make total logical sense do not work out as we planned but a hunch that defies logic turns out to be a great choice. A manager hiring a candidate who is of lower qualifications over better candidates is nothing but intuition because it makes no logical sense to hire a less qualified guy for a role. Intuition is nothing but years of experience that supports you in taking day to day decisions. It’s also faith in yourself that you can work it out. Intuition is the key element required for success in a century which is defined by disruption and chaos.

Though Intuition is a bit of gamble but there’s wisdom in that gamble

Intuitive intelligence is considered the highest form of intelligence. It can be developed if one has an open mind , a curious mind. Just keep learning and improving yourself everyday to build your intuitive intelligence. It’ll be crucial at times when you do not have any way to compare the two options in front of you while making a decision.

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