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Heart or Mind ?

Who should one listen to , heart or mind ?

Heart or Mind ?

Should one listen to Heart or Mind ?

Recently Microsoft has launched a new chat bot ‘Zo’ with which you can interact about any topic. The curious girl in me thought to ask a very fundamental question “Heart or Mind ?”.  The answer that I got was “The Mind”. The mind which evokes a sense of power or a force not to reckon with and which is also analogous to rational and logic. On the other end there’s heart which is like a novice young kid who has unrealistic dreams which defies logic. This got me to think…

Should we listen to mind or heart ?

The world is endless,  the universe inexhaustible and the mind is relentless.  It is relentless in the pursuit of reason.The human brain has 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts in a day. It weighs all the pros and cons, risks involved, all the possible outcomes of  even the smallest decisions one takes. Still we are not able to take the best decisions for ourselves. Leave aside the best decisions, we are not able to take even good ones. What goes wrong ?

Did you just asked that to your heart ? That’s what goes wrong for most of us. Heart creates confusion , makes us refute the irrefutable , believe the unbelievable. When we are desperate to believe something, heart gives us reasons to believe. It gives us reasons how logic can be defied , how 1% of something occuring is better bet. Heart is powerful in the way we want it to. It’s loyal to us and will always help us find reasons for our wrong decisions. But does that mean we should always take decision by mind ? How would a conversation between mind and heart go ?

“It’s impossible” said Pride

“It’s risky” said Experience

“It’s pointless” said Reason

“Give it a try” said the Heart

Heart gives us this courage to try when reason tells us it’s futile to even try. Heart gives us this belief that our big dream can be achieved. Mahatma Gandhi said “If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it in the beginning”. The world has achieved wonders because some of us took that leap of faith which a mind can never provide. If we take decisions only by mind, how are we different from  that bot which is the epitome of reason ?

Dream big and give it a try but also weigh your decisions with reason. The best decisions are the one taken by both mind and heart. Don’t let one overpower the other.

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