Family or Money ? - The Curious Girl

Family or Money ?

Which family is happier, one with less money but together or one with more money but apart ?

Family or Money ?

Family or Money ? What would you choose ?

The curious girl thought when she was sitting alone looking outside at the first drop of rain accompanied with rumbling thunder. Sitting hundreds of miles away from her mother’s lap , her focus moving from self reflection to the overdue presentation. She’s been drooling over a question from past few months, whether she should keep minting money more than she can spend or should she start afresh beside her mother.

How does one choose between the fast paced days, the glittery nights , the excitement of traveling offered in city with the calm , slow paced , carefree life of a small town? One provides purpose and excitement , other provides love and peace. This is the scenario with all the young people who have moved to cities for work from their small town and cities.

The curious girl knew that her success made her parents proud but she also could sense the struggle of her parents when they tried their best to hide their loneliness. Their dilemma is whether they should ask their daughter to achieve greater success or ask her to come back to her roots.

Apart from the peace that you get from the life of a small town, there’s also the opportunity of building a business of your own. Distance between a customer and a seller has now reduced to a tip of a mobile screen. The added advantage is of low cost of operation and even lower cost of living providing the advantage over a business running in a city.

Along with the monetary benefits, business in small town also creates option for people who are looking to move to their home town but lack the will of going out on their own. These opportunities helps in bringing many families together not just one. Rain , thunder and thoughts came to a halt with greater purpose in the curious girl’s mind that the city never offered.

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